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Dubuque Racing Association Awards Grant to ARK Advocates
from Dubuque Racing Association
In May of 2012, the Dubuque Racing Association (DRA) awarded a grant of $9,996 to ARK Advocates. The grant funds were used to purchase adaptive equipment for the ARK Advocates Adaptive Equipment Lending Library. Equipment purchased through the grant included a large stander, adaptive stroller, large bath chair, medium tricycle, Go Talk, weighted blankets and vests, and noise reduction ear muffs.
DRA - Mystique - Diamond Jo
The DRA’s grant award has made it possible for ARK Advocates to purchase much needed adaptive equipment inventory for the library. All of the equipment purchased through the DRA Grant will be available for check-out through the lending library. The library will allow individuals with disabilities and their families access to bath chairs, adaptive chairs, standers, adaptive bicycles, gait trainers and many other items at no cost.
To learn more about how you can donate to or check-out items from the ARK Advocates Adaptive Equipment Lending Library, please visit our Lending Library section.
ARK Advocates Receives Grant Award
from Dubuque Racing Association
The Dubuque Racing Association (DRA) awarded $3,249.00 to ARK Advocates in May 2010. The funds were used to purchase a multi-functional, Kyocera digital copier with standard printing and network interface. This grant allowed us to update our office equipment that was currently 10 years old. We wanted to preserve our budged funds for direct financial assistance to persons with disabilities.
DRA - Mystique - Diamond Jo
We wish to fund needs for communication devices, camperships, medication assistance, bath chairs, social skills classes, and guardianships, as a few examples. All these can be funded if we don’t divert funds for updating office equipment. Each year we are funding a growing need for financial assistance.
The Dubuque Racing Association has been a long-time supporter of the endeavor of ARK Advocates.
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