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ARK Advocates Board of Directors invite you to become a member. For over 50 years, members have made a difference in ARK Advocates ability to fund and support persons with disabilities in our Dubuque area. Members will receive our newsletters.
  • An Individual membership is $30.
  • A Family membership is $50.
  • A Partnership membership is $100.
Those who choose Family or Partnership memberships will be recognized in our newsletter. Remember, your dues are tax-deductible and affirm you belief in and commitment to children and adults with disabilities.
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Member Testimonial
In one word ARK advocates means 'support.' Since becoming a teacher Iíve always been on the lookout for ways to support students, families and myself. Iíve found the support I need from ARK. I found out about ARK through a friend, I was invited to a meeting, and I made the decision to join that night. At monthly ARK board meetings Iím able to connect with other teachers, parents, and community members that care. We have many fun and serious projects that we work on. One of our fun projects is the ARK Buddy walk. We get together on a Saturday at Loras College to have fun with students, families and staff while raising money. One of our serious projects is giving out grants. We receive many applications for scholarships and requests for special funding assistance. Itís a tough but rewarding job being able to give money to those in need. If youíd like to find support for your students families and yourself become a member today!
Jennifer Hoffmann
ARK Advocates PO Box 3024 Dubuque, IA 52004-3024 563-556-1785